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I finally WOKE UP.
I stopped living other peoples dreams and started pursuing my own. I quit my full time nursing job and became dedicated to sharing my wisdom and life changing experience with other established women who had similar challenges like me. As a high-performance coach, I am passionate about helping highly successful, mission-driven individuals find their passion and purpose in their personal and professional life without boundaries, limitations, and expectations. As an expert in all facets of business development, you're getting invaluable insight from someone with a track record of success. Bea Baylor Coaching is an opportunity to work with a performance coach that is motivated by achieving your accomplishments.

Creator of Propelling Your Business to Soar

I'm a experienced performance coach who specializes in providing innovative teachings for those wishing to thrive in their energetic flow. Everyone deserves to live the life they've been dreaming of, and I'm an accomplished highly successful coach that's here to make it happen. Whatever positive change you wish to implement in your life, let my expertise guide you through this exciting journey.

Achieve Confidence, Clarity, and Peace of Mind

I'm an expert on influencing and building relationships. I'm passionate about teaching others to shift their mindset to generate health and wealth by creating powerful relationships with others, both locally and internationally. Everyone can benefit from high-performance coaching, and I'll show you the difference in my effective approach.

Supporting You to Discover Your Passion

As a high-performance coaching expert with 15 years of experience in developing strategic plans that highlight your business development skills, I will help you succeed. I help you create an innovative approach that will help you thrive, set goals, and accomplish them. Allow my expertise to be beneficial in your future endeavors.

Schedule Your Session with a Performance Coach

A personalized approach from a performance coach will ensure you reach your goals. Contact Bea Baylor Coaching today to learn more about the services available or for more information on my Lotus Program. I look forward to working with you!

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