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Living a life you dream of takes hard work and determination, but you don't have to go on this journey by yourself. Bea Baylor Coaching offers comprehensive high-performance coaching,to help professional women discover their passion and purpose. In addition to serving as a business coach, for countless members of the community. I'm here to help my clients break from the mindset of the norm and create a limitless, prosperous and fulfilling lifestyle.

The 7 Pillars of Success 

This coaching program is an intensive 12-week, robust life coaching program for women who have a vision and are ready for a rebirth in their personal and professional lifestyle. I've developed the seven pillars of success and sales to help your business flourish! This program will provide:

  • Clarity of Your Vision

  • Care and Balance

  • Consistency for Actions

  • Conviction to Flow with the Universe

  • Confidence to Increase Business Growth

  • Certainty for Sustainability

  • Closing the Sale Without Fear

If you're wanting to see the world in a new light, step into your passion and purpose, and let go of past traumatic experiences, look no further. I'm here to help you achieve more joy, happiness, and success from the universe and flow in the present moment. Click below for your free 30 minute coaching session.

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The Benefits of the 7 Pillars of Success

  • An increase in bottom-line profit 30%-300%
  • 50% or more increase in productivity
  • Better communication
  • Stress and anxiety level decreased
  • Improved confidence and performance
  • Better relationship with team members
  • Clarity, direction and peace of mind 

Corporate Speaking Engagements

Bea Baylor is an insightful visionary, change agent and accomplished business and life coach, I love speaking to corporate and professional women groups! This allows me to powerfully share my insight in a group setting instead of individual coaching sessions. I'm available to help any entrepreneur that's wanting to integrate a positive approach into their personal brand.

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Hire a life and business coach you can trust to assist you in shifting your life for the better. Call Bea at Bea Baylor Coaching today to schedule your free consultation or to learn more about my services available. I look forward to serving you!

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